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1. gaudi

1.1. park guell

1.1.1. colourful

1.1.2. amazing the view was amazing

1.1.3. no straight lines

1.1.4. creative

1.1.5. smashed tiles to make the bend around stuff

1.2. casa batlo

1.2.1. I din't see any straight lines

1.2.2. looks like the sea

1.2.3. colourful

1.2.4. amazing

1.2.5. attention to detail

1.3. la sagrada familia

1.3.1. big/tall

1.3.2. attention to detail

1.3.3. amazing

1.3.4. grey

1.3.5. church

1.3.6. cool glass

1.3.7. Gaudi's bit looks so much better than the other architects bit they should've at least tried to copy gaudi's bit because I think it ruins the whole building with what they've done which if I think gaudi was still alive I don't think he will be happy with it, because the new architects are building all theese straight lines which is completely diiferent to gaudi's idea/design!

2. streets

3. highlights of each day

4. interesting things

4.1. the locals all love football and play it wherever they can even if that means playing it weaving through people and restuarants in the town square, everyone's football mad it's in their DNA, it's their culture! and thats what I really like

4.2. lots of tourists

4.3. all the old little winding streets

4.4. all the history barcelona has!

5. the culture

5.1. siesta

6. the people

7. the neighbourhoods

7.1. the neighborhood we're living in has got lots of different cullters E.G indian, african, mexican...

7.2. the old/historic neighborhoods are so cool!

8. transport

8.1. the subway was so good and quick for getting around the city because the subway goes to everycity

9. food

9.1. bakeries

9.1.1. the bakeries here instead of having pies and cream donuts, it's all bread, all types of bread like crossants, cpain au chocolat , anything to do with bread is in there and they have theese bakeries everywhere, they are so good! Coming from me I personally like the real bakeries in barcelona compared with the bakeries in nz! Because you know your going to get a real loaf of bread made freshly by real bakers! (This is probably my favourite thing about Barca's food!)

9.2. fruit shops

9.2.1. in bacelona they have theese fruit shops everywhere, they are a bit like fruitworld but there is one everyone 10 square meters and they are all in someone garage and they are so cheap!

9.3. all the food here in barca is so healthy

10. language

11. flight

11.1. really long (30 hours!)

11.2. plane was massive

11.3. luckily got the whole middle row (4 seats) to myself so I decided to laydown and sleep for most of the flight

11.4. food was horrible ( it was like eating mush)

11.5. the T.V screens were cool

11.5.1. I watched some good movies!

11.5.2. the games were fun!

12. apartment living

12.1. the people above us are so noisy

12.2. you get to see how the locals live and what they go through everyday

12.3. everyone goes to sleep at about 3am and the rubbish truck comes and emptys all the rubbis bins at about 4am! which makes it impossible to sleep, but you get used to it and eventually just sleep through it, but the first few night were herendous!

12.4. cool to see the real barcelona and how the locals live

12.5. we are living in a very dodgy neighborhood!

13. bikes

14. markets

15. tourists

15.1. I think the tourists come to barca for the...

15.1.1. beach

15.1.2. the barcelona football team

15.1.3. all the scenery

15.1.4. history

15.1.5. archetecture

15.1.6. weather

15.1.7. food

15.2. lots of them!

15.2.1. from a massive variety of different cultures / countries!

16. language

16.1. everyone I've bumbed into speak little or a lot of english!

16.1.1. which surprises me because if a spanish person comes to new zealand and asks someone if they can speak spanish they'll have to ask a lot of people before they get an answer and that person will only be able to say a few words but if you come here everyone has to learn how to speak english it's in their curriculum but here it's in our curriculum that we have to learn maori and don't get me wrong thats important to but no one else in the world can speak moari I just think it'll be more worthwhile learning to speak spanish or something!

17. watching the football

17.1. the atmosphere is amazing

17.2. the stadium is massive

17.3. the games are so good!

17.4. it's really fun singing along and been a part of the crowd

17.5. exciting

17.6. so cool getting to seen the worlds best players up close!