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Memory Techniques by Mind Map: Memory Techniques
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Memory Techniques



This is where images that look like numbers (like a doughnut) are asssociated strongly with the thing to remember, and so a list can be remembered in an order, and the items recalled in any order ( like "what is item no. 3?" )


This is like number shapes, exept the thing to be associated with the objects sound like the number, instead of looking like it (like shoe for 2) .


This is where you imagine objects interacting with thins in your memory palace. This can be somewhere you know well, like your house. If the visualization is clear, you should be able to remember lots of unstructured objects. This is also called the "roman room" method.



Key players

Regular rests


How quickly you should go over info: 10 minutes after 1 day after 1 week after 1 month after 3 months after  


The more you engage your senses, the more vivid a memory will be, and so it will be eaier to remember.

Memory movie

A memory movie involves showing your objects in a way you can remember (like for the order of the planets, a guy holding a mars bar would jump off the Earth, and away from the sun) .  The movie should be clear in your mid, so that it can be recalled easily, so try repeating it a few times.

Repetition helps