The Fourteenth Amendment

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The Fourteenth Amendment by Mind Map: The Fourteenth Amendment

1. Origin

1.1. Black Codes

1.1.1. Black Codes were state laws that restricted many things from former enslaved people.

1.1.2. One of the Black Codes prevent former enslaved people from marrying

1.1.3. Another prevented them from being unemployed forcing them to work back at their old owners

1.2. Dred Scott

1.2.1. Dred Scott was an enslaved African American was property of an army surgeon

1.2.2. When his owner died he sued for his freedom in the lower courts and Surpeme Court

1.2.3. Later the Surpeme Court ruled that since he was a descendent of a slave he wasn't a real citizen and therefore didn't have equal protection under the law

1.3. Plessy vs. Ferguson

1.3.1. Homer plessy was arrested for sitting in an all white train cart

1.3.2. He said that it violates the 14 Amendment equal protection in the law

1.3.3. The Supreme Court said separate but equal was ok and therefore he had no right to sit in the train cart

1.4. Brown vs. Board of Education

1.4.1. The Brown vs. Borad of Education was the fight for rights and for equal education for everyone

1.4.2. They said that sperate but Equal violated the 14th Amendment

1.4.3. The country was in a time of change yet they did not want to accept it

1.5. Equal Protection

1.5.1. Equal protection means that every person has the same rights and is protect under the law the same

1.5.2. The thought of Equal Protection to the people in the U.S was very different and would change for the better but they didn't want that to happen

1.5.3. Equal Protection under the law was being fought for all nationally not just African American

2. The Effects

2.1. Americans with Disabilities Act

2.1.1. As more groups gained oputunities in many things people with disabilities also wanted some so they begged for it

2.1.2. They made plans for every individual student that had certain disabilities

2.1.3. The ADA made sure that every person with a disabilities could do the same as a person without

2.2. Eqaul pay

2.2.1. John F Kennedy was president at the time when he started to make this act

2.2.2. Women wanted same pay they didn't want to be payed less for the same job as men and earn less

2.2.3. Women felt discriminated knowing they needed money and men do the same work as them and earn more

2.3. Indian Education Act

2.3.1. The Indian education act worked to improve Education for native Americans

2.3.2. They government started to fund the schools of the native Americans

2.3.3. The government acknowledged on a federal level the distinct culture the students had

2.4. Civil Rights Acts

2.4.1. The civil rights act was meant to protect the further protect the voting right of blacks

2.4.2. It also allowed them to prosecute anyone who disobeyed those laws

2.4.3. It outlawed racial discrimination and also discrimination based on sex religion and etc.

2.5. Voting rights Act

2.5.1. After the first civil rights act they started to focus on voting rights for African Americans

2.5.2. They created the Twenty fourth amendment which banned taxes on the polls

2.5.3. The southern states tried many things to deny African Americans to vote