14th amendment

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14th amendment by Mind Map: 14th amendment

1. Plessy v. Ferguson

1.1. Plessy was arrested for sitting in a "white only" section.

1.2. He argued that it was against the 14th amendment

1.3. It was later settled in brown v. The board of education

2. Effects

2.1. Civil rights act

2.1.1. Outlawed discrimination against blacks and women

2.2. Voting rights act

2.2.1. Congress passed a law to give blacks the right to vote but the states were Making black codes against it

2.3. Equal pay act

2.3.1. Women were being discriminated because tHey couldn't do things men could do so the equal pay act was passed to demand equal pay

3. Origins

3.1. Dred Scott

3.1.1. Dred Scott was a slave and after his owner dies he sued for freedom

3.1.2. The Supreme Court ruled that because he was a slave descendant he wasn't a citizen so he couldn't sue

3.2. Black codes

3.2.1. Southern legislators passed laws known as black codes

3.2.2. They prevented African Americans from certain rights they had

4. Court cases

4.1. Brown v. The board of education

4.1.1. The Supreme Court ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional

4.1.2. It took two years to enforce at state level

4.2. Dred Scott v. Sandford

4.2.1. In 1857 the supreme court ruled that because he was a slave descendant he Wasn't a United States citizen so therefore he couldn't sue for his freedom.

5. Other amendments