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water planet vocab by Mind Map: water planet vocab
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water planet vocab

It means things like Water waste and pollution. We can help to prevent these issues by turning off the taps when we are not using the water at times like brushing teeth and we could use less plastic bags and more fabric bags. Also we should all use less chemicals. K.N

Transfer from public to private ownership or control. T.H

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people can make little changes to the environment such as cutting down on water by turning off the tap when they are cleaning your teeth or reducing the use of paper so you can stop some trees getting cut down

Coal, we have limited amounts of, people have to ration the amount that people use

Human Right

Everyone has an right to have water[P.B]

Give other countries more ACSESS to food and water where countries like us have more than enough. K.b


stop polluting water

Global Treaty

A world wide argrement


Where you place something in the wrong place.


In central or primary respects, used to make a direct declaration about the basic truth of something. C.J


To protect or preserve something. T.H


A large group or company. T.H


Load, with too many things to carry, for example: they were overburdened with luggage- they didn't pack light. C.J


Composition means the way things in which a thing is made up.


Regulation is a rule made by a important organization.

Over Population

When a place has too many people


access to getting water these days are hard k.b

People in poor countries don't have access to water, or they have access to polluted water. Water that is full of diseases. It ruins their water system.


Means that it is an ITEM [E.P]


Encroachment means tresspassing

Pledges is a solid promise that can not be broke v.l


The act or proccess of consuming.


unsupervised or not following the LAW


a waste of time or a waste of money extra... R.F

People could stop squandering water, people overseas have only a limited amount of water when people continue to waste water. We can solve this problem by reducing the amount of water when brushing your teeth etc. and realise how fortunate you are to have clean water. C.J

Finite having limits of resource k.b

Stop pollution so we can have more water.

"A girl that could make a difference in the world" - click on the little arrow to see the youtube video that emily found!

hi mr scurr its cate i wonder how i use this.

Hi Cate, it's Mr Scurr, hope you are well. Click on the little arrow for a video about how to use this mindmap!