How to Find the 3% of Your Market Who Want to Buy Your Product Now.. Without Losing the Other 97%...

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How to Find the 3% of Your Market Who Want to Buy Your Product Now.. Without Losing the Other 97% Along the Way by Mind Map: How to Find the 3% of Your Market Who Want to Buy Your Product Now.. Without Losing the Other 97% Along the Way

1. Webinar Structure

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. Welcome Slide 4-8 Content - Essentially....

1.1.2. Ground Rules ADD THAT IN

1.1.3. 3 Pain Positioning Questions 1. Inconsistency 2. The Wrong Prospects 3. Overwhelm and taking on too Much

1.1.4. 3 Pleasure Positioning Questions 1. Consistency 2. The Right Prospects 3. The Right Systems to Make it Easier

1.1.5. Bridging that Gap Digital Marketing

1.1.6. Your Story The Problem/ The Moment of Inspiration Cold-Calling for Coaches and Consultants/ Small Businesses The Search 18 - 21 Tried Different Business Ventures The Victory Skywalkers Hoverboards Where You Are Now Digital Marketing Company Mentored by Jason Hornung Featured in, Forbes, Huffington

1.1.7. The 3 Types of Prospects Cold Awareness Stage Buy Mode BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN - I WANT TO WARN YOU Marketing is a Numbers Game

1.2. Main Content

1.2.1. Cold Topic THIS IS 90% YOUR AUDIENCE Educate Stop Selling and Start Giving Have a Lead Magnet Activity Think of 3 Potential Lead Magnets You Can Use - Slide 33 Conclude Headline Story Slide 34

1.2.2. Awareness Stage Topic The New Way/ Old Way ARE 80% TOWARDS BUYING YOUR PRODUCT/ SOLUTION Educate The First Sale is the Hardest Activity Which One Are You Going for? Conclude Headline Story Sports Company

1.2.3. Buy Mode Topic These are people who literally have their credit card in their hand Educate BIG or URGENT PROBLEM Needs a BIG or URGENT SOLUTION? Social Proof Activity Are You Collecting These? Which Ones Have You Got? Conclude Headline Story Slide 39 - $997 Sales

1.3. Close

1.3.1. Reason Why? Only work with 20 Clients at a Time - Just Successfully Completed 4 - So Have Space for 4 New Clients

1.3.2. The Calll Digital Marketing Analysis Call

1.3.3. The Benefits of the Call Know EXACTLY What's Working For You Right Now (According to Industry Standards) Work Out the Lifetime Customer of Your Customer - Which Allows You to Know Exactly How Much You Can Spend to Acquire a New Client Which Channels are Best Suited for their Industry and their Product/ Service Where their Leaving Money on the Table

1.3.4. Who It's For Already Have an Established Business Understand the Potential of Digital Marketing Have Capacity for Growth in their Business Willing to Invest in Growing their Business

1.3.5. Who It's Not For Someone Just Starting Out or Looking for Business Ideas Thinks Digital Marketing Can't Grow their Business Already at Full Capacity and Doesn't Need to Grow Unwilling to Invest in Growing their Business

1.3.6. What to Do Next AND Expect Next Click the Link to Book Your Appointment Fill in a Questionnaire so that we have the Information we need for our analysis Have a 30 Minute Call with one of our Analysts Work with us to Grow your Business with Digital Marketing and Have Consistent Leads/ Sales and High ROI

2. I Need....

2.1. 1. A Hi-Res Logo

2.2. 2. Hi-Res/ Professional Images of You/ Your Team

2.3. 3. For the Stories - Logos of the Companies Involved