Indefinite Article

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Indefinite Article by Mind Map: Indefinite Article

1. Although these nouns begin with a vowel, their sounds is not pur. beginning vowels carry the- y sound. that is why they require the indefinite article a instead of an.

1.1. In english, the lettr H has two forms. One form is aspirated and requires an expulsión of air to pronounce it. it´s like the letter J in spanish (jalapeño, Jalisco). When a noun begins with an aspirated H, one must use the indefinite article a.

1.1.1. Examples An unintelligent person An unimportant call

2. The largest part of nouns and adjectives beginning with uni-also take the indefinite article a.

2.1. Examples

2.1.1. A unicorn

2.1.2. A unit of measure

3. In general, the indefinite article na is used in front of a noun (name) that begins with a vowet however, there are some exceptions. nouns beginning with eu-or-ur require the indefinite article a.

3.1. Examples

3.1.1. A European country

3.1.2. A eucaliptus tree

4. Indefinite

4.1. there are two unique indefinite articles in english (a, an) that function as the two spanish forms (un, una)

4.2. In english, as in spanish, the indefinite article refers to an unspecified thing. Here are examples of statements that show that.

4.2.1. she saw an elphant.

4.2.2. They have an idea