Reigns of Fernando VII and Isabel II

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Reigns of Fernando VII and Isabel II by Mind Map: Reigns of Fernando VII and Isabel II

1. Social changes

1.1. The upper class

1.1.1. Often wanted to raise their social status

1.1.2. Was made up of The nobility Rich factory owners Bankers

1.2. The middle class

1.2.1. Was made up of Merchants Doctors Landowners Lawyers

1.3. The working class

1.3.1. Was made up of Very low-paid agricultural workers Who either earned wages or rented the land they worked on Labourers from rural areas

1.3.2. Has very little chance to improve their social status

2. The labour movement

2.1. Conditions for the woking class in 1800 were very bad

2.1.1. Low paid workers were unemployed most of all year

2.2. Many workers was organising themselves into groups, to demand improvements in their wages and working conditions

3. Fernando VII

3.1. The reign of Fernando VII can be divided in 3 periods

3.1.1. Absolutism (1814-1820) He declared their Constitution illegal in 1814 He became an absolute monarch

3.1.2. Liberal Triennium (1820-1823) Rafael del Riego led a military rebellion In 1823, Fernando revoked The Constitution

3.1.3. Ominous Decade (1823-1833) Period of repressions Problem of succesion

4. Isabel II

4.1. Reign

4.1.1. During Isabel's reign, Spain became a parliamentary monarchy

4.1.2. Her reign had political inestability, who led her to exile in 1868

4.2. It was supposed that the heir would be Carlos, brother of Fernando, but the heir was Isabel.

4.2.1. So his fathers ruled as regents until Isabel can rule.

4.3. Regency period

4.3.1. The beggining of the period was by the Carlist Wars. There where two sides The Carlists They were at favour of an Absolute Monarchy The regents supporters