Basic Principles in Islamic Civilization

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Basic Principles in Islamic Civilization by Mind Map: Basic  Principles  in Islamic  Civilization

1. Syariah / Law / Rules

1.1. Regulation of human relation with the Creator, human, and nature provided by God.

1.2. The way Of life

1.2.1. Politics

1.2.2. Laws

1.2.3. Economy

1.2.4. Education

1.2.5. Culture, etc.

1.3. The Manifestation (objectives) of Syariah

1.3.1. Protection of religion Death penalty as an absolute punishment for apostasy

1.3.2. Protection of life suicide are prohibited

1.3.3. Protection of mind / intellect Alcohol or any similar subtance are prohibited

1.3.4. Protection of race / linage Adultery is prohibited

1.3.5. Protection of Property Stealing, armed robbery, breach of trust are prohibited

2. Akidah / Faith / Iman

2.1. Believe in the truth without any doubt

2.1.1. Believe in God (Allah)

2.1.2. Believe in prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Other names of Prophet Muhammad Mahmud Ahmad Taha Al-Mustafa Al-Amin Al-Basyir

2.1.3. Believe in the angles

2.1.4. Believe in the revealed Books Taurat (Torah) Zabur (Psalms) Injeel Al-Quran

2.1.5. Believe in the resurrection and Qiyamah (dooms day)

2.1.6. Believe in the predestination -> good or bad

3. Akhlak / Moral / Ethic

3.1. The soul which is the source of all those activities that humans performs spontaneously without thinking about them.

3.2. The soul which comes into existence through exercise and repentitive practice and not easily destroyed.

3.3. Distribution of morals

3.3.1. Mahmudah (the good attitude based on Al-Quran and Sunnah ex. Honesty, not insulting other religion, helpful, patience, tolerance

3.3.2. Mazmummah (the bad attitudes that contradict with al-Quran and Sunnah ex. Angry, dishonesty, lying, untrustworthy