Consequences of Reformation

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Consequences of Reformation by Mind Map: Consequences of Reformation

1. Religious persecution

1.1. The inquisition

1.1.1. Church court, tried Protestants

1.1.2. Heretics were accused

1.1.3. Torture used

1.1.4. Harsh punishments

1.1.5. Sentences announced at auto da fé

1.1.6. Sanbenito worn during ceremony

1.1.7. Galileo

1.1.8. Protestants exaggerated numbers killed

2. Religious wars

2.1. Reasons

2.1.1. Monarchs saw duty to protect their faith

2.1.2. Most rulers didn't accept two religions in their country

2.2. German Protestant states vs Charles V

2.2.1. Peace of Ausburg 1555

2.2.2. Each prince chose religion for his state

2.3. Thirty Years War

2.3.1. Fought in Germany, but most of Europe

2.3.2. 1/3 of German population died

2.4. Civil war - France

2.4.1. Huguenots vs Catholics

2.4.2. Protestant massacre

2.4.3. St Bartholomew's day massacre

2.4.4. Edict of Nantes

2.4.5. ^ allowed Protestants to practise

2.5. Netherlands

2.5.1. Dutch wanted to follow John Calvin

2.5.2. Ruled by Spain

2.5.3. 80 year war

2.5.4. Won independence from Spain

2.5.5. Elizabeth helped

2.5.6. Philip invaded England

2.5.7. Spanish Armada defeated ^

3. The Counter Reformation

3.1. Pope sets up Council of Trent, agreed to formation of the Jesuits

3.2. Council of Trent

3.2.1. Did little to end split in Christianity

3.2.2. Church discipline and Catholic doctrine decided

3.2.3. Church discipline SPAIN abuses ended Seminary solved poorly educated priests Bishops made sure priests lived good lives

3.2.4. Catholic doctrine What Catholics should believe Why Catholicism disagreed with Protestantism Index of forbidden books

3.3. The Jesuits

3.3.1. Ignatius Loyola Former soldier Modelled them as an army, "superior general" Members must be totally loyal to Pope Catholic missionaries Missionaries Dangerous in Protestant countries Education Advanced views Well treated pupils Loyal Catholicism enforced