The battle of Badr

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The battle of Badr by Mind Map: The battle of Badr

1. Prophet Muhammad SAW was worried that they will lose the battle and start praying to Allah to beg humiliate them (Quraish tomorrow.

2. In the battle there were:

2.1. 950 Quraish army

2.2. 313 muslim fighter

2.3. Islamic defense line was a combination of the defensive lines of

2.3.1. Prophet Muhammad with his strong personality and leadership

3. Prophet Muhammad said that if the battle is lost, people will not worship Allah

4. The hundreds of companions whose hearts were loaded with the confidence and availability for yield. A hefty portion of them saw matrydom (shahid) to be an increase, equivalent to life and triumph.

5. Battle of Badr was the most important among the islamic battle of Destiny

6. Prophet Muhammad Choose Ali, Hamzah and Obaidah al-Harith to face the three warriors from Quraish

6.1. ali destroyed al walid

6.2. Hamzah killed Utban

6.3. Shaibah was killed by Obaidah, but Obaidah died after he lost his leg. Obaidah was the first person to commit sahid

7. The battle of Badr was a successful war for the Muslim force, becaue it is just at the beginning of their develompents

8. Battle of badr leads the foundation of the Islamic state Medina