Knowledge representation

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Knowledge representation by Mind Map: Knowledge representation

1. Expresivity of the KR

1.1. Semantic Web

1.1.1. Resource Description Framework

1.1.2. RDF Schema

1.1.3. Topic Maps

1.1.4. Todos los atajos

1.1.5. DARPA Agent Markup Language

1.1.6. Ontology Inference Layer (OIL)

1.1.7. Web Ontology Language (OWL)

2. appear in some sciences

3. expressivity of the KR

3.1. Semantic Web

3.1.1. Nuevo nodo

4. related topics

4.1. Language and notation

4.2. Ontology languages

4.3. Links and structures

4.4. Notation

4.5. Storage and manipulation

5. Artificil intelligence