Digital Assessments

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Digital Assessments by Mind Map: Digital Assessments

1. Provides real time audience participation tools, online brainstorming, and classroom feedback.

2. Link to AnswerGarden

3. Private area to create classroom discussion, have live chats, and hold meetings

4. Link to Chatzy

5. ClassKick

6. Allows teachers to post assignments for students, so both the teacher and peers can post feedback on the subject. Students can check progress on their work

7. Link to ClassKick

8. AnswerGarden

9. GoFormative

10. Provides teachers the opportunity to assign activities to students, receive the results in real time, and then provide immediate feedback to students

11. Link to GoFormative

12. Google Forms

13. Google drive app that allows you to create documents that students can collaborate on in real time, using smartphones, tablets and laptops

14. Link to Google Forms

15. Naiku

16. Teachers can quickly create quizzes that students can answer using their mobile device, used for checking understanding before or after a lesson

17. Link to Naiku

18. Obsurvey

19. Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires quickly and easily

20. Link to Obsurvey

21. Pear Deck

22. Plan and build interactive presentations that students can participate in through smart device

23. Link to Pear Deck

24. PingPong

25. Provides a place where students can pose questions, take notes, make notes on content, and share resources

26. Link to PingPong

27. PollDaddy

28. Quick and easy way to create online quizzes and questions. Can be accessed through smartphone

29. Link to PollDaddy

30. RabbleBrowswer

31. An app that allows a teacher to facilitate collaborative browsing experience

32. Link to RabbleBrowser

33. Remind

34. Allows teachers to text students and stay in touch with parents

35. Link to Remind

36. Quia

37. Teachers can create games, quizzes, surveys, and more

38. Link to Quia

39. QuickVoice Recorder

40. Allows teachers to record discussions, classes, and sync them with other audio files

41. Link to QuickVoice

42. Quizlet

43. Create flashcards, quizzes, tests, and games that are engaging

44. Link to quizlet

45. Scattervox

46. Polling tool that makes each question 2-dimensional by having respondents use quadrants for their response, creating a scatter plot

47. Link to Scattervox

48. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

49. Whiteboard tool that allows teachers and students to check understanding

50. Link to ShowMe Whiteboard

51. Tagul

52. Word cloud that allows user to make each word an active link to connect to a website

53. Link to Tagul

54. TitanPad

55. Tool for collaboration. Offers 8 colors to chose from so that each contributor can use a different color. Good for group work

56. Link to TitanPad

57. TodaysMeet

58. Online collaborative tool that allows educators to create a room in which students can share ideas, answers and thoughts to lectures and lessons

59. Link to TodaysMeet

60. VoiceThread

61. Allows you to create and share conversations on documents, diagrams, videos, and pictures

62. Link to Voice Thread

63. Chatzy