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Utopia- Thomas More by Mind Map: Utopia- Thomas More
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Utopia- Thomas More


Thomas Moores Utopia is a humanist view of an ideal society

More does not simply offer a theoretical view, but provides specifics for how to create this world

Utopia offers a Christianized form of Platos Republic

Christian Synthesis

The Christian aspect of the synthesis is Christ's gospel of caring for the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden

More wrote Utopia with a comedic tone, allowing him to speak his truth while telling a deeper story

The Platonic, Republic tradition is the Greek aspect of the synthesis

Human and Parody

Utopia means nowhere

The local political system is called a sty

Property Divison

No private ownership of land or houses.

This allows for even distribution of land and their residents.

Working Life

Everyone is required work in agriculture for two years

Men and women do the same work, all able bodied people are required to work

Everyone is required to learn a second trade aside from their primary job


There are two slaves per houshold

Slaves tied down by gold chains to make us dislike gold

Slaves are released for good behavior


free wellfare state

free hospitals

tolerance of religions

travel allowed by internal passport

Search for Hapiness

to find hapiness in the utopia one must follow the laws instilled in the society and not falter in executing them without a doubt in their head