Diet Wars Assignment Vegetarian Diet

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Diet Wars Assignment Vegetarian Diet by Mind Map: Diet Wars Assignment                                      Vegetarian Diet

1. Health benefit claim

1.1. Healthy vegetarian diets are abundant with vitamins B1, C, and E, folic acid, magnesium, and iron while also being low in cholesterol and saturated fats. A plant-based vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of mortality from conditions such as: Type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular disease.

2. How to implement this diet

2.1. 1st step is to get rid of all animal products 2nd step is to learn vegan recipes 3rd step is to create a meal plan for the very first month 4th step is to make a grocery list with your new meal plan in hand 5th step is to continue with vegan meals.

3. Drawbacks, Possible side effects, and Controversy

3.1. Vegetarian diets are lacking in some vital nutrients. Rodriguez cites calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and folate—all of which are present in meat and dairy—as key nutrients a vegan diet can lack.

3.2. Some possible side effects is. Energy and weight issues, Huge cravings, Bad state of health, Digestive problems

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5. theory/principal behind this diet

5.1. People choose to be vegan for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons. For example, some vegans feel that one promotes the meat industry by consuming eggs and dairy products. That is, once dairy cows or egg-laying chickens are too old to be productive, they are often sold as meat; and since male calves do not produce milk, they usually are raised for veal or other products. Some people avoid these items because of conditions associated with their production.

6. Founder and origin

6.1. In the mid-20th century a number of members of a group called Vegetarian Society in the UK who wanted to form a distinct section, within the Society, of 'non-dairy vegetarians'. It was rejected for being too divisive, But Watson took the beginning and end of 'vegetarian' and then the Vegan Society was created, at first there was just 25 members. A journal called 'The Vegan News (Quarterly Magazine of the Non-Dairy Vegetarians) Watson proposes the word 'Vegan' and says "Should we adopt this, our diet will soon become known as a VEGAN diet”