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Travel Brochure by Mind Map: Travel Brochure
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Travel Brochure

Assignment Directions

Research a Destination

Research your destination Use the Internet to find out specific details about your region. It is important to understand the culture, economics and geography of the travel destination. Compile your research findings in Word or Google Docs. You will later place the text in your InDesign document. Here are some helpful links: Print your research findings and submit to the instructor for feedback. (10 points).  

Find Brochure Samples

Research sample Brochures Use the Internet to locate a few sample brochure designs that you would like to use as templates. Base your choices on visual principles and elements as opposed to content. Save your samples in a Google Document named: first initial + last name_Brochure Samples. Place in the Schoolloop Dropbox. (5 points).  

Select Graphics/Images

Choose images and graphics Find at least 4 high-quality images on the Internet that will help “show” the potential traveler some of the highlights of the destination(s). Include a map and photos of key landmarks. Modify all photos in some way using Photoshop. Save all images in the JPEG format to be inserted into your brochure during the design process. Take a screenshot of the layer panel for each photo you have modified and place in a Word Document called: first name + Last initial_modified images. Place the document in the Schooloop drop box under the Brochure Images assignment. (10 points).  

Compile Text & Images for Brochure

Compile Brochure Information Using the notes you created in the earlier step and sample brochures, type the following in individual Word documents. You will be placing these files into your InDesign brochure later. Create a separate Word file for each of the following items: · A summary of the destination emphasizing the key highlights. The purpose is to persuade the viewer to choose to travel to this destination!. If you are including multiple destinations in your brochure (i.e. 3-4 cities within a country) please summarize each. · Brief history of the region (2-3 paragraphs). Summarize the key historical points and cultural/demographic information. · 4-6 top attractions/points of interest including key details. Briefly describe each one and include contact information if you choose. · Recommended hotel accommodations and prices for one week’s stay for at least one hotel. Also include hotel accommodation highlights (restaurants, spas, pools, gyms, etc. Create a separate JPEG or TIFF file for each of the following images you will use in your brochure. You may need to use Photoshop and/or Illustrator to create these items, especially when combining text and graphics. · Climate information (use graphics and text). · Map that includes the top destinations · Images of destination highlights should be saved as individual files. You should have modified each in Photoshop in a previous step. You might choose to add captions to smaller images, as well.  

Brochure Sketch

Sketch the brochure Consider the elements you will include in your brochure and determine the best layout for these items. Use your sample designs as a guide. Your sketch should be specific and used as a model for your final brochure design. Show your sketch to the instructor to be approved before beginning work on your InDesign brochure. (10 points).

Create Brochure

Create the brochure in InDesign o Use the tri-fold brochure template provided for this document. o Use the Frame tools to layout your inside and outside pages. o Place the files in the appropriate locations as indicated on the brochure sketch. o Add additional text and graphics as needed. o Package your project (adds all files to the document) by choosing: File>Package o Save the brochure as both an In Design file and export to a JPEG.

Submit Brochure

Submit the Brochure   Link or Embed all images to your brochure using the Window>Links option Files greater than 500KB in size should be linked Files smaller than 500KB can be embedded Package your brochure for printing. Choose: File>Package. All linked images and fonts will be stored in separate folders and included in one folder along with the InDesign file. Copy the packaged folder to the instructor's USB for printing. Export a copy of the brochure as a PDF and copy to the instructor's USB as well. The instructor will print your brochure at FedEx Kinkos.    

Brochure Rubric

Adobe Information Sheets

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