École Golden Gate Middle School

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École Golden Gate Middle School by Mind Map: École Golden Gate Middle School

1. Goals which help develop active learners able to demonstrate a high level of academic, intellectual and social engagement.

1.1. Assess kids where they are (literacy & numeracy) and scaffolding their learning i.e. filling in the gaps.

1.1.1. Class profiles New node

1.2. Optional PD opportunities on tech stuff and other topics of interest i.e. 45 min after school power sessions.

1.3. Pair up gr. 6 and 8 academic classroom for activities such as paired reading, math games etc.

2. Goals which value the concept of social justice and recognize its importance for the betterment of an ever changing world.

2.1. focus instruction on social justice!

2.2. Welcome Place for parents and community to serve educational places i.e. EAL families, and connections to services/language programs, access to library and computers and open gym, tutoring, study skills,

2.3. Promote cultural awareness and world issues by inviting guest speakers etc.

3. To assist students in the development of the skills necessary to become active learners accountable for their academic actions and accomplishments. **A decrease in the number of overdue assignments will be evident. **A decrease in the number of below the line behaviours will be evident. **Students will be more confident in utilizing the student agenda as an organizational tool. **Students will be more engaged in their daily work.

4. Add a Citizenship component to portfolios

4.1. New node

5. Wellness for students, staff, and community - afternoon invite for community to come to GG (cribbage, art activity, chess, yoga, story sharing, DDR, etc.)

5.1. Yes --we agree!!!!!!!!

5.2. Yes, I like this, too.

5.3. karaoke wii

6. Cross grade projects. Ex. Grade 8 Français writing plays for Gr.6 Basic French to perform.

7. I don't know how to agree with Ernst but we do

8. Portfolios need to be re-invented.

9. New node

10. Peer mentors on the playground.

11. New node

12. We would like to continue the 3 goals from the previous year. We feel that we have not completely accomplished them yet. It would be nice to master the goals that we agreed upon before setting new goals.

13. Goals which nurture and promote a positive relationship with families and the local community.

13.1. Have GG students go to the elementary schools to teach younger students (for all subjects areas)

14. Other

15. Promote sustainability

15.1. Each acad. group will have engaged in one env'tal project by the end of the school year.

15.1.1. New node

15.2. Composting program... other schools do this.

16. Promote volunteerism with Social Studies/Sciences Humaines Active democratic citizenship outcome and write an reflection.

16.1. New node

17. student accountability

17.1. Yes. Student accountability should be assessed by each acad. teacher.

18. Connect with the community through a volunteer program.

19. Team building activity for staff. To work better as a school.

19.1. Yes!!!!

19.2. For students as well! Challenges for GAB time to promote collaboration and critical thinking. (Destination Imagination)

20. Promote active democratic citizenship throughout the school and entire school year

20.1. conflict resolution for students to help them develop democratic citizens.

21. Have and in-school wellness day or afternoon for team building and stress relieving techniques.

22. Promote sociability. Teach the kids how to interact face to face by creating opportunities for them.

23. To be accountable with the use of the agenda on a daily basis (having EVERYONE on the same page as to how they will be used so that it is consistent and students know what to expect).