My Rationale

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My Rationale by Mind Map: My Rationale

1. What has been my progress?

1.1. From my first project to my present project, I think I have come a long way and have made a lot of progress. I now have a lot more knowledge about the industry of fashion and all the different elements to it.

2. What did I know before?

2.1. Before joining the FRA, I didn't know any technical fashion terms or anything I've been taught whilst being here. All I knew was the different fashion roles within the industry and what they each consist of.

3. What do I know now?

3.1. After joining the FRA, I now know many things I did not know before such as, key terms, historical and contemporary fashion influences, digital and traditional marketing techniques, garment production and processes in fashion retail.

4. How has this influenced your choice of pathway?

4.1. This has influenced my choice of pathway for this project as it has persuaded me to choose to base my idea on Visual Merchandising and Marketing and Communications. In these two areas I feel that I can excel and show my full potential. The build-up of all the previous projects have changed what once was my desired career path, as I used to want to go into Buying and now I am leaning more towards Styling.

5. Strengths

5.1. From being on this course at the FRA, I have discovered many strengths. From learning about Visual Merchandising, it has made me realise how creative I am and how much I enjoy creating things physically. Furthermore, from learning about Marketing and Communications, I have discovered that I am good at producing SWOT and PESTLE analysis' and I can clearly identify offline and online marketing methods.

6. Weaknesses

6.1. I have always known my main weakness is taking considerably long to produce tasks. However, whilst studying at the FRA I have noticed that I struggle freely writing long pieces of writing. Therefore, I am not too good at writing shop reports. This is why I find Buying and Supply Chain one of my weaker subjects.

7. What knowledge, skills and understanding have I acquired?

7.1. Whilst being at the FRA I have obtained many skills and a lot of knowledge that is going to help me along my journey to a successful career in the fashion industry. These skills include, presenting with confidence, expressing my creativity and being organised throughout the duration of the project.