quadratics and piecewise

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quadratics and piecewise by Mind Map: quadratics and piecewise

1. piecewise

2. function defined by at least two equations

3. quadratics

4. First of all what is that plus/minus thing that looks like ±

5. they both deal with math

6. a piecewise polynomial function is a function that is a polynomial on each of its sub-domains, but possibly a different one on each.

7. a function is not called "piecewise linear" or "piecewise continuous" or "piecewise differentiable" unless the pieces are intervals.

8. Quadratic equation, a polynomial equation of degree 2 (reducible to 0 = ax2 + bx + c)

9. Quadratic formula, calculation to solve a quadratric equation for the independent variable (x)

10. they both deal with functions

11. they both deal with variables