Health Care

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Health Care by Mind Map: Health Care

1. Pros of Health Care

1.1. Individuals' Opinion

1.1.1. Barack Obama

1.1.2. Bernie Sanders

1.2. Additional Reasons

1.2.1. Improve Public Health

1.2.2. Less Paperwork

1.2.3. Stop Medical Bankruptcies

1.2.4. Encourage Entrepreneurship

1.2.5. Benefits Businesses

1.2.6. Boost Economy

1.3. Why should we guarantee all citizens of the U.S public health care and medical aid?

1.3.1. According to UCLA More than half of the world's countries have some degree of a guaranteed, specific right to public health and medical care for their citizens written into their national constitutions. -Mark Wheeler | July 18, 2013 The United States is one of 86 countries whose constitutions do not guarantee their citizens any kind of health protection. -Mark Wheeler | July 18, 2013 Guaranteeing Health Care as a fundamental right is universally important "The global recognition of a right to health is a powerful step in guaranteeing health as a fundamental human right for all people," said Heymann. "But it is important to ensure this moral right moves from the philosophical to the practical. That will require a kind of transparency and accountability where the public can readily access information on which countries are implementing these guarantees.

2. Cons of Health Care

2.1. Availability in Geological Location

2.2. Increased deficiency

2.2.1. Price increased every year

2.3. Forced Taxes

2.3.1. Charges older people than the other

2.4. Inequality Rights

2.5. Grants Drug Companies

2.6. Health Care Should Be A Personal Responsibility

2.7. What Is The Responsibility In Healthcare?

2.8. Adding Opportunity For Equal Health Care

2.9. Yes, Health Care is a Right -- An Individual Right

3. What is a Single payer health care system?