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Planning by Mind Map: Planning

1. I used Pintrest to create looks for my character in a easy visual way which is easy to link onto Wix. The website was also useful because I could add little notes to the bottom, showing my annotations and thoughts to why the character should look like this.

2. Film Pitch

2.1. Iphone

2.1.1. I used my phone to upload my intial film pitch then put it on youtube so that I could analysis my selling skills

2.2. Youtube

2.2.1. I uploaded it onto you tube because it was easier to put onto my blog and easier for others to watch and evaluate.

3. Logo Creation

3.1. YOUtube

3.1.1. I looked at tutorials on youtube see how others used photoshop and develop new and creative ideas for the poster

3.2. Photoshop

3.2.1. Photoshop was good because we could SFX to the logo and make it more creative and professional.

4. Music and Sound

4.1. Mp 3 converter

4.1.1. I used Mp3 covnerter because we wanted to use popular songs used on youtube and was ab easy way of converting these onto a Mac

4.2. Audio network

4.2.1. I used audio network so that I could experiment with sound effects and listen to instrumental music that would fit the comedy theme.

4.3. HP Laptop

4.3.1. I used a HP Laptop to do my work on as I can use multiple media platforms at the same time to help me plan looks of posters and meetings with group on websites likes Facebook.

5. Costume

5.1. Pintrest

6. Google Maps

6.1. I used Google Maps to source different potential locations through the help of the internet. So I could see if the are was safe and would fit the look of the film.

7. Treatment

7.1. Youtube

7.1.1. I used Yotube because I could record the feedback for my film. Again it was easy to upload onto the blog and became a great asset.

8. Screenplay

8.1. Celtx

8.1.1. Allowed me to start writing down my ideas and using different settings so that it looked like a professional film script.

8.2. Notes [app on iphone

8.2.1. Easy and free to note take. It helped when ideas came into my head and then I copy onto the notes and then send it on media sites like facebook and twitter.