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Netiquette by Mind Map: Netiquette

1. What is good netiquette?

1.1. Respect others privacy

1.2. Don't share photos of people without their persmission

1.3. Use clear email subject line

1.4. Adjust your tone and style to the situation eg, don't use LOL when emailing a teacher

1.5. Always read and think before posting

1.6. Use emoticons to confirm your feeling, provided it is appropriate in the context

1.7. Treat people the same as you would face to face

1.8. Treat others online the same as you would want to be treated yourself

1.9. Respecting other people's views even when they are different from your own

1.10. Check for specific rules or guidelines in discussion boards or online groups before contributing

2. Consequences of poor netiquette

2.1. Upsetting someone you didn't mean to

2.2. Appearing unkowledgable

2.3. Flaming and insults can occur due to breakdown of clear communication as a result of poor netiquette

2.4. Giving the wrong impression by poor communication

2.5. Could be accused of cyberbullying

2.6. Spamming or excessive messaging

2.7. Legal action made against you

3. What is poor netiquette?

3.1. SHOUTING in caps

3.2. Incorrect spelling

3.3. Replying to a message when you are still angry

3.4. Forwarding messages to people they were not intended for

3.5. Sarcasm because there is no tone of voice or body language to pick up on

3.6. Sharing photos without the person's consent

3.7. Sharing other people's private information eg family or personal circumstances

3.8. Using slang as some people may not understand it

3.9. Posting copyright material without permission

4. Reasons for poor netiquette

4.1. The other person may not know about netiquette

4.1.1. You could politely let them know that is it poor etiquette and send them a link to information

4.2. The other person may be upset and may need time to cool

4.2.1. Don't reply and allow the person some time to reflect before continuing

4.3. They may not realise what they have posted

4.4. The person posting it has just been careless and thought before they posted

5. Benefits of good netiquette (additional topic raised through discussion after collaboration)

5.1. Helps you represent yourself online as a true reflection of yourself

5.2. Helps you build meanigful relationships and friendships