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APAN2006 by Mind Map: APAN2006
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Ian Foster

Services for Science

a new approach to communicating in science

they're real

they're challenging, sociology, infrastructure, provence, scaling

Scientific communication

circa 1990 - still focused on allowing individual humans to access remote sources of information

Service-oriented science, Egs, cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG), astronomy, virtual observatory community, Framework, create services, opensource tools for creating services, gRAVI, Introduce, discover, assuming success = billions of services, methods, syntax, semantics, standardised vocabularies, rich ontologies, tagging, Generalized Labels Over Scientific data Sources (GLOSS), permissions, reputation, social networking, myExperiment, compose to create a new function, BPEL, used to create workflows link data and analytic services, sufficient but somewhat clumsy, Taverna, visual service composition and workflow config, & then publish as a new service, description, state, policies, SAML & XACML, hosting