Verbs + the to-infinitive or -ing

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Verbs + the to-infinitive or -ing by Mind Map: Verbs + the to-infinitive or -ing

1. Common verbs followed by an object and the to-infinitive

1.1. advise, assist, beg, bribe, command, dare, empty, enable, encourage, instruct, invite, lead, order, persuade, select, send, teach, tell, train, urge, warn

1.1.1. She begged him not to go. Banks actively encourage people to borrow money. They invited me to go to paris with them.

2. Common verbs followed by the to-infinitive

2.1. agree, appear, arrange, attempt, ask, choose, dare, decide, demand, deserve, expect, fail, grow, hasten, happen, hope, hurry, learn, long, manage, neglect, offer, pay, plan, pledge, pretend, promise, refuse, resolve, seek, seem, struggle, swear, threaten, vow, want, wish

2.1.1. He resolved not to tell her the truth. Thisdispute threatens to split the party. Shesaw his drawn and hastened to explain.

3. Common verbs followed by -ing

3.1. appreciate, avoid, contemplate, delay, deny, detest, dislike, endure, enjoy, escape, face, fancy, finish, involve, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practise, resent, risk, feel like, give up, keep on, leave off, look forward to, put off, can't stand

3.1.1. Let's practice speaking English. You should avoid mentioning his divorce. He bitterly resents being treated like a child

4. Verbs followed by either -ing or the to-infinitive

4.1. Attempt, begin, continue, intend, plan, propose, start

4.1.1. TO/-ING She began to cry. I don't intend staying long. He proposed changing the name of the company.

4.2. forget, remember

4.2.1. TO Obligation Take care, and don't forget to write.

4.2.2. -ING Past events I vaguely remember hearing him come in.

4.3. try

4.3.1. TO An Attempt I tried to warn him, but it was too late.

4.3.2. -ING An Experiment/new Experience Have you ever tried windsurfing?

4.4. mean

4.4.1. TO Intention She means to succeed.

4.4.2. -ING Involvement This new order will mean working overtime.

4.5. go on

4.5.1. TO The continuation of the speech The Prime Minister went on to praise the Chancellor.

4.5.2. -ING The continuing of an action He said nothing but just went on working.

4.6. regret

4.6.1. TO Regrets about what's going to be said We regret to inform you about that.

4.6.2. -ING Regrets about the past He bitterly regretted having mentioned it.

4.7. stop

4.7.1. TO Intention Jane stopped to check the oil level in the engine.

4.7.2. -ING The ending of an activity That phone never stop ringing!