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Sound waves by Mind Map: Sound waves

1. Similarities and differences between light waves and sound waves

1.1. Similarites

1.1.1. Both sound and light waves reflect and refract

1.1.2. Both sound and light waves are wave motions and therefore have all the properties of a wave.

1.2. Differences

1.2.1. Sound waves are longitudinal waves, whereas light waves are transverse waves

2. Frequency

2.1. It is the number of vibrations made by a vibrating object per unit time.

3. Ultrasound

3.1. Uses of Ultrasound

3.1.1. Detection of developmental/ structural abnormalities in the fetus.

3.1.2. Diagnosis of gallbladder disease/ obstructione

3.1.3. Evaluation of blood flow in blood vessels

3.1.4. Assessment of the thyroid gland in your neck

3.1.5. Evaluation of the heart and diagnosis of cardiac problems

3.1.6. to clean things

3.2. Animals that uses ultrasound

3.2.1. dolphins

3.2.2. porpoises

3.2.3. sperm whales

3.2.4. bats

3.2.5. frogs

3.2.6. sloths

3.2.7. crickets

3.2.8. grasshoppers

3.2.9. snakes

3.3. Ultrasound is a wave with frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing.

4. Amplitude

4.1. it is the maximum distance up to, which a vibrating particle moves from its original equilibrium position.

5. Characteristics of a Sound wave

5.1. Frequency

5.2. Amplitude

5.3. Speed