Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. Virtual Learning

1.1. Online

1.1.1. Technology Programs Youtube Blogs Twitter Facebook

1.2. Dynamic

1.2.1. Diverse Online Environment

1.3. Flexibility

1.3.1. Work-Real Life

2. After School Activities

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Teamwork collaboration

2.2. Skills

2.2.1. talent confidence Stress Release

3. In class Learning

3.1. Hands on

3.1.1. Makerspace Learning Real Life Projects Real Life Job Skills Ex: Welding, Woodwork, ect

3.1.2. Interactive Classes Interesting for Student Keeps Students Wanting to Learn Students Choose Projects Teaching Themselves Through Reseach

3.2. Central Stationary Class

3.2.1. Face to face interaction

3.2.2. Immediate problem solving

3.2.3. Low Flexibility

3.3. Real Life Time Managment

3.3.1. In class assignments

3.3.2. Different Class Times

3.4. Online Restrictions

3.4.1. No computer access

3.4.2. Lack of WIFI

3.4.3. 21st Century Learning

4. Daily Environment

4.1. Emotional

4.1.1. Stress

4.2. Social

4.2.1. Communication Well Rounded Student

4.3. Cultural

4.3.1. Barriers Balance

5. 21st Century Skills