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CESAR.thon by Mind Map: CESAR.thon

1. References

1.1. Mob testing

1.2. Crownd sourcing test

1.3. A hackaton for testers

1.4. Software Testing World Cup

1.5. Testahon

2. Definition

2.1. Meeting of testers and other roles and stakeholders that are part of the software development of a product or software. They get together to explore the product, find bugs and enhancements and collect feedback about the quality and requirements.

3. Benefits of use

3.1. Individual

3.1.1. Learning opportunities Technical skills Testing Strategy Testing techniques Tools Testing ideas Innovative and creative solutions Testing heuristics Soft skills Team work Time management Leaderships Result orientation

3.1.2. Networking Meet other people and companies culture Meet people from other regions and countries

3.1.3. Fun The gamified experience of a testing marathon always turn into a fun competition

3.1.4. Rewards The learning It's a milestone for a testing career Prizes

3.2. Testing Community

3.2.1. Knowledge exchange

3.2.2. Coaching

3.2.3. Increase engagement

3.3. Companies

3.3.1. Fast feedback about the quality of a product

3.3.2. Feedback given by a larger number of professionals with different perspectives

3.3.3. Tests done in a variety of devices

3.3.4. Compare the products with the similar of other companies.

3.3.5. Recruitment of talents It's possible to identify excellent people at the testing marathons

4. Framework

4.1. Set the goals

4.1.1. Define the product

4.1.2. Define the target devices/operational systems

4.1.3. List the main roles involved Testers UX UI Product Owner

4.1.4. Set the time-box

4.1.5. Schedule

4.2. Setup the needed infrastructure

4.2.1. Servers

4.2.2. Applications

4.2.3. Devices

4.2.4. Tools Bug management

4.3. Run the CESAR.thon

4.4. Collect feedback

4.5. Compile the marathon data

4.5.1. Bugs

4.5.2. Enhancements

4.5.3. Quality issues

4.5.4. New requirements

5. Results

5.1. 2016

5.1.1. 4 testing marathons 1 business prospecting phase More than 120 bugs 30 QAs 3 hours 3 Internal applications More than 80 bugs 26 QAs 7 hours

5.1.2. 17 lightning talks

5.1.3. 3 dojos Web automation with Selenium

5.1.4. 2 mob testing Google hacking

6. Why use it?

6.1. Improve engagement

6.1.1. In your company

6.1.2. Your local testing community

6.2. Mentor a QA or testing team

6.3. Testing your company products

6.4. Perform benchmarks

6.5. Be a tool for business prospecting