How We Can Know The Past

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How We Can Know The Past by Mind Map: How We Can Know The Past

1. Primary Sources

1.1. Archaeological

1.1.1. Graves

1.1.2. Architecture

1.1.3. Paintings

1.1.4. Small Fragments Textiles Pottery

1.1.5. Scientific findings Microscopic Items Chemicals Geological record Mathematical calculations

1.2. Definition

1.2.1. items created at or near the time being studied

1.3. Written

1.3.1. Most are copies copied by monks scholars

1.3.2. Examples Books Letters Diaries Speeches Poems Stories Government documents Inscriptions Definition Written on

2. Secondary Sources

2.1. Examples

2.1.1. Textbooks

2.1.2. Essays

2.1.3. Videos

2.1.4. Sound clips

2.1.5. Encyclopedias

2.1.6. Websites

2.1.7. Biographies

2.2. Definition

2.2.1. Later sources based on primary sources