Predicting Reactions of Metals

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Predicting Reactions of Metals by Mind Map: Predicting Reactions of Metals

1. Groups (columns)

2. Periods (rows)

3. Periodic table

4. Reactivity of metals

4.1. Water

4.1.1. 5 extremely reactive elements (Li, K, St, Ca, Na)

4.2. Acid

4.2.1. React only with acids (Fe, Cd, Co, Ni, Sn, Pb)

4.3. Oxygen

4.3.1. Forms oxides (Sb, As, Bi, Cu)

5. Metal activity series

5.1. Aims to predict reactivity of metals in reactions, and place in order of most reactive to least reactive.

6. Patterns in metal activity

6.1. Ionisation energy

6.2. Atomic radius

6.3. Electronegativity

7. Oxidation and Reduction

7.1. Galvanic cells

7.1.1. Half-cells

7.2. Redox reactions

7.2.1. Oxidation Loss of electrons

7.2.2. Reduction Gain of electrons

7.3. Reduction potentials