life plan after 10 years

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life plan after 10 years by Mind Map: life plan after 10 years

1. Family Goals

1.1. Spend more time with family

1.2. engaged to the man I love the most

1.3. provide what my family needs

2. Business career

2.1. Start to manage my own company

2.2. successfully have a stable job

2.3. have my own fashion line

3. me as a person

3.1. Can decide on my own

3.2. independent

3.3. stronger person I can be

4. Goals

4.1. to be a professional dancer

4.2. have my own charity

4.3. have my own apartment and stores

4.4. have my own car and mansion

5. Still travelling all over the world

5.1. with my family and friends

5.2. discover something brand new

5.3. captures alot of memories on my destination

6. Health

6.1. to be physically fit

6.2. far from sick

6.3. less stress, more achievements