Troy boys and girls club CIT

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Troy boys and girls club CIT by Mind Map: Troy boys and girls club CIT

1. Qualifications

1.1. Teenager

1.2. good with children

1.3. Calm temper

1.4. A student in the P-TECH program

1.5. Have a little sister and a little brother and a nephew

1.5.1. Have experience babysitting them

1.6. Athletic

1.6.1. Can play sports with the kids

1.6.2. Can take out trash and other heavy stuff that needs to be moved

2. Experience

2.1. Have volunteered at the club before

2.2. I know most of the staff and have good relationships with them and most members

3. requirements

3.1. Must be a teenager

3.2. Must go to an interview and demonstrate good manners

3.3. Must get along with children

4. special skills

4.1. Good reader

4.2. juggling

5. Skills for this job

5.1. Good with children

5.2. Have prior experience in this field

5.3. Calm temper