On The Hunt For: A New Job

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On The Hunt For: A New Job by Mind Map: On The Hunt For: A New Job

1. What Does This Job Expect From Me?

1.1. Must be able to meet the physical requirements of the position.

1.2. Maintain the quality of the department's appearance and presentation.

1.3. Accurately and efficiently scan purchases of a customer into cash register.

2. Where/What Is This Possible Job?

2.1. Food Lion Grocery Associate

3. When?

3.1. Over The Summer

3.2. Next School Year: When Turn 16

4. Striving To Be:

4.1. More Experience

4.2. Better At Communication

4.3. Leaving An Unforgettable Impression

5. What...

5.1. What Made Me Want This Job?

5.1.1. There are many positive reviews about this job online.

5.1.2. It would help me communicate with people more easily.

5.1.3. The fact of them able to hire at 15/16.

5.1.4. The job location being so close to my house.

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