Grant Writing

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Grant Writing by Mind Map: Grant Writing

1. School Level Grants

1.1. Belk Foundation Grant

1.2. Bright Ideas Grant

1.3. Lowes Toolbox for Education

1.4. NCTies Grant

2. County Specifc Grants

2.1. Local schools/teachers can apply for Watauga Education Foundation Grants

2.1.1. Maximum of $2,000

2.1.2. Ongoing Benefits rather than single use items preferred

3. Gear Up

3.1. In WCS the Gear Up Grant serves certain schools- not all schools receive the grant

3.2. Bethel, Cove Creek, Green Valley, Mabel, & WHS (Only high school for the county)

3.3. Overall goal of encouraging post-secondary education for students.

3.4. Serves a co-hort of students, does not extend to all grades.

4. Grant Specialist

4.1. WCS does not have a Grant Specialist. We do benefit from having a GEAR UP Coordinator on staff who works to coordinate programs inside the scope of her grant.

4.2. Several schools in the county are also Title I schools, who have educational specialists who also manage federal Title 1 funds, and guide staff on their use.

5. Grant Writing Workshops

5.1. There currently are no specific grant workshops planned in WCS, however workshops on specific instructional strategies may suggest grants as a source of funding.