How does your media product represent different social groups?

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How does your media product represent different social groups? by Mind Map: How does your media product represent different social groups?

1. Female

1.1. Conforming to the typical damsel in distress character, by how she is needing saving from this mentally disturbed character.

1.2. The main character is a teenage girl, who conforms to the ideology of teenagers being naive by how she does not seem to know of the dangers she is involved in. Girls especially are presented as weak and vulnerable, which she also confoms to by the use of long shots (making her look smaller). She would appeal to teenage girls as she is of the same age therefore they instantly have a connection with her. She would also appeal to aspirers due to her appearance. She would also appeal to strugglers who may feel very judged and watched within their lives, maybe not by someone like J, but they may feel vulnerable and helpless like Scarlet.

1.2.1. How are teenagers typically presented? Irresponsible Antisociable Naieve Unreliable Stubborn Hormonal Grumpy Wild

1.3. How are females typically presented? -Fragile , Damsel in distress, Sensitive, Emotional, Dependent on men, Helpless

2. Male

2.1. The male character J conforms to the stereotype of males being presented as the dominant character. His identity is also never shown, this would appeal to both strugglers and escapers who would like the idea of escaping their troubles that come with who they are.

2.2. How are males typically presented? -Strong, Unemotional, Temperamental, Masculine, Bred winner, Aggressive, Powerful

3. Demographics media

3.1. Scarlet herself is from demographic E, she is a student. She is vulnerable and unsure of the dangers of the world. J is also demographic E, he is unemployed and focuses his life on Scarlet. This demographic would appeal to strugglers who are struggling within their own lives.

4. Sexuality

4.1. In our piece the character J presents hetrosexuals as obsessive and almost possessive. His love of a member of the other sex has made him psychologically obsessed.

5. How are the social groups presented through......

5.1. Editing

5.1.1. Typically males are given more screen time then females due to being the most important sex. However we have subverted this as she is taking up the majority of the screen time, but this is shown through the eyes of the male character because of the power of his status.

5.2. Sound

5.2.1. Conforming to the stereotype of males being deemed as the more important sex, we have a voice over of J talking from his point of view. This could conform to women seeming as the weaker sex, as Scarlet is never given a voice.

5.3. Mise en scene

5.3.1. Through the use of the colour black, J is presented as a dark mysterious character. Black is a strong colour and can not easily be over taken by any other colour, conforming to males being presented as strong. Scarlet has curly hair, representing how J has really messed with her head, conforming to the typical representation of weak females.

5.4. Camera angles

5.4.1. Through the use of long shots we have conformed to the idea that women are presented as weak, as this type of shot makes Scarlet look small and with that vulnerable. Through the use of a over shoulder shot we make J seem in control with what is being seen, it is always from his point of view. This conforms to males being the more important powerful sex