Sex: Stairway to Heaven or Hell

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Sex: Stairway to Heaven or Hell by Mind Map: Sex: Stairway to Heaven or Hell

1. Esoteric Research

1.1. Combination of Spirt and Matter

1.2. Combination of Water and Electricity

2. History

2.1. In a town people wanted to avoid pregnancy they created birth control

2.2. There was a lot of sex and the children were "wanted" kids. The kids were a lot more loved because they were wanted.

2.3. These kids were of higher intelligence and superior emotional intelligence.

3. History II

3.1. There is a "right way" to have sex

3.2. Birth control help relieve the stress of having kids. With this people enjoyed sex and had more sex which help them figure out what was best for them.

3.3. A child / life is "Sacred" not the "Sex"

4. Eugenics

4.1. Self Control during ejaculation.

4.2. Increase pleasure behind husband and wife.

4.3. Beliefs and practices to improving the genetic quality of the human race.

5. General Tips

5.1. Have sex slower, in a relax manner

5.2. Attempt to control the ejaculation

5.3. Having a nutritious food around the time wanting to having a child

5.4. A women can have sex for up to an hour.

5.5. Creating a relaxing environment for the sex.

5.6. Addressing the psycological issues before having a child. Addressing issues around family, friend, community, government, etc...

6. Concept

6.1. Gnostic believes that all religions are one and they have sexual root.

6.2. Masturbation weekens the immune system.

6.3. Controlling Sexual intercourse is part of controlling nature.

6.4. There are other dimensions which can possibly accessed through sex, most of humans and animals usually are in 3rd dimension. Some of us can enter, the 4th dimension, spiritually realm through sex.

6.5. Sexual Alchemy: Transforming our Semen into energy. The semen can contain our fire "energy"

6.6. Love, Love, Love: Not sex, Not temptation, Love each other. Have sex when your in love.

6.7. Sexual Alchemy: Return to the body to fire, sex helps.

6.8. When the spirit and the body are one, you can resurrect, you can ascend.

6.9. Crystallize the spirit. Perfection is possible.

6.10. Water needs to turn into steam, semen into steam. The fire stays with steam which help us with senses.

6.11. There are 12 senses, sex can help.

7. Religious Views

7.1. Jesus: Unless you are born again you would not be able to enter heaven.

7.2. Only enter heaven when you are born of water and spirit.

7.2.1. Water = Semen Spirit = energy

7.2.2. Through sex you can enter heaven or Hell. Because the

7.3. Fobiddin acts

7.3.1. Never have sex with mother, sister, daughter, grand mother, grand daughter or immediate family member.

7.3.2. Do not have sex during menstrual cycle.

7.3.3. Do not have sex homosexuality.

7.3.4. Do not have sex with animals.

7.3.5. Semen is unpure and one must wash their whole body after a discharge.

7.4. Three laws of Jesus

7.4.1. 1. Deny your "animal/ego" self.

7.4.2. 2. Make your spiritual self one with your mater self. Sex helps.

7.4.3. 3. After you ascend share the knowledge with others.