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USER by Mind Map: USER

1. Sign Up / Sign Up with Facebook

2. Sign In / Sign In with Facebook


2.1.1. Header Footer Search for services /products/movies/ songs Search for locations Search for users or profiles -> on header Recent reviews can be seen Whats trending can be seen Top Turn Around can be seen



2.3.1. My Profile Tab Change Password Comapny Profile Help Pages Select Language section [in Google Translate]

2.3.2. Dashboard Tab No of Disputes No of reviews No of tweets Likes Notifications Page Views Facebook shares Clicks Score Surveys function Send Notifications function Add second category function Invite Customers function Add widget function

2.4. ME PAGE

2.4.1. Search for services like movies/ songs/ products Search for Location Reviews Tab, also reviews by your friends and your own reviews Likes and dislike Tabs Friends Tab Turn around Tab

2.4.2. Message Tab On click of it you can see inbox Outbox / sent messages Write a new message

2.4.3. Invitation Tab Search for services Search for locations Request friend Tab Invite a friend tab Friends Tab Outgoing request tab Invite on facebook, google plus, tweeter, fill in an email,

2.5. Notification Tab

2.6. Claim Page

3. Forgot Password

4. Write a Review

4.1. Like/ dislike review Anyone can see your review You can also see the reviews posted by your friends Share review on social media score a review

5. Dispute

5.1. Dispute Process