Knowledge Visualisation

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Knowledge Visualisation by Mind Map: Knowledge Visualisation

1. cons

1.1. subjective

1.1.1. possible misinterpretation

1.2. limited perception

1.3. No details

1.3.1. Provides big picture, but without any precise figures

1.4. too variable

2. pros

2.1. logical

2.2. saves time

2.2.1. enhances knowledge transfer

2.3. Identify and act on emerging trends faster

2.4. Manipulate and interact directly with data

2.5. Coordination:

2.5.1. Helps to coordinate the communication of knowledge workers

2.6. Attention:

2.6.1. Raises awareness and provides focus for knowledge creation and transfer

2.7. Recall:

2.7.1. Improves memorability and fosters the application of new knowledge

2.8. Motivation:

2.8.1. Energizes viewers to engage in interpretation and explore graphics

2.9. Elaboration:

2.9.1. The process leads to further understanding and appreciation of concepts and ideas as we interact with them

2.10. New insight:

2.10.1. Can reveal previously hidden connections and lead to sudden insights and a-ha experiences