Process and Threads

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Process and Threads by Mind Map: Process and Threads

1. Program

1.1. Passive entity such as contents of a file stored on disk

2. Process States

2.1. Trace

2.2. Dispatcher

3. Processes and Threads

3.1. Resource Ownership

3.2. Scheduling/Execution

3.3. Single Threades Approaches

3.4. Multithreading

4. Process

4.1. Active entity with a program counter specifying the next instruction to be executed

5. Process Elements

5.1. Program Code which may be shared with other processes that are executing the same program

5.2. Process Control Block

6. Two-State Process Model

7. Five-State Process Model

8. Suspended Processes

9. Process Creation

9.1. Process Spawning

9.2. Parent Process

9.3. Child Process