Strategies to Upgrade Curriculum

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Strategies to Upgrade Curriculum by Mind Map: Strategies to Upgrade Curriculum

1. Applications of Technology & Web-Based Tools (Hale/FIsher)

1.1. Authentic, task-oriented, and purposeful use of...

1.1.1. Technology Hardware

1.1.2. Technology Software

1.1.3. Web-based Tools

1.2. SAMR

1.2.1. Substitution

1.2.2. Augmentation

1.2.3. Modification

1.2.4. Redefinition

1.3. TECHformational Matrix

1.3.1. Impact on Learning

1.3.2. Impact on Engagement

2. Using Simulations in the Classroom

2.1. Computer-based or otherwise technology-based

2.2. Provides students a risk free environment

2.3. Retention of information sky-rockets to 90%

2.4. Great alternative to field trips when school lacks funding

2.5. Provides an engaging, authentic and purposeful experience