Mobile APPS for Educators

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Mobile APPS for Educators by Mind Map: Mobile APPS for Educators

1. Tools for Student Creation

1.1. Google Slides

1.1.1. Haiku Deck Draw and Tell This app can increase creative confidence in kids of all ages. Students can draw something, tell a story about it and share their creation. The app can be located in the link for iTunes Apple Store. Students and teachers can use this online tool to create presentations. The app includes thousands of ready made templates to make presentations appealing. Educators can access the app from the Chrome Web Store with the link shared.

1.1.2. Allows for students to create and edit online presentations for free. Students can use their own creative thinking skills while teachers are able to evaluate learning progression. Educators can access the app for Android with the link shared.

2. Tools for Evaluating

2.1. Google Forms

2.1.1. Socrative This learning assessment tool has a quiz option to simplify grading and reports. The app is available for Android with the link provided.

2.1.2. This app allows teachers to create assessments and is a great tool for feedback from students. Teachers can receive immediate results with this app. Access the app from the Chrome Web Store with the link provided.

3. Tools for Communicating with Families and Students

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. This social media device can be used to create classroom pages. Teachers can communicate important events and reminders. Parents love seeing pictures of their children engaged and learning in the classroom! The app for Android users can be found with the link shared.

3.2. Edublogs

3.2.1. Teachers can upload and share images easily with this WordPress blogging platform. I link is shared to download this app from iTunes Apple Store.

3.3. Evernote

3.3.1. An app where all of the assignments can be shared. This note taking app allows for students to save notes that have been made by their teacher. I have shared a link to download the app from iTunes Apple Store.

4. Tools for Writing

4.1. Google Classroom

4.1.1. This wonderful app is also great for writing. The app includes an annotation feature that helps teachers communicate with students directly on their writing. The app allows the teacher to view multiple students' writing pieces at once. Android users can find the link attached.

4.2. Oxford Dictionaries

4.2.1. This is a great tool for writers! This dictionary app will allow students to be accountable when editing and peer editing. The dictionary app has over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings and also includes an audio feature! Android users can use the link provided to download the app.

5. Tools for Student and Team Collaboration

5.1. Slack

5.1.1. Teachers can collaborate with other teachers or assign group project work to students. This app can be integrated with Google Docs and makes communication easier for teams in a variety of settings. Android users can download the app with the provided link.

5.2. Google Classroom

5.2.1. Students can communicate ideas like they would on a blog when creating unique groups and allowing students to edit the file. Since I shared the link to download the app above, I have shared the article "20 Things I Can Do With Google Classroom" in a link.

5.3. Mindmeister

5.3.1. This app makes it easy to map out the relationships between ideas. For complex group projects, it can also provide a way to quickly visualize and create a project outline, together. Find the app at the iTunes Apple store with the link provided.