Agile Product Development

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Agile Product Development by Mind Map: Agile Product Development

1. Agile Sprints

1.1. Velocity

1.2. Points

1.3. Iterations

1.4. Continuous deployment

2. Lean Cycles

2.1. Think

2.1.1. Understand your envorinment

2.1.2. User personas to be tested

2.1.3. Understanding stakeholders Delivering project Waterfall development (Past) Scrum (Present) Scrum Kanban (Near-future or already in progress) Lean (Future) Introduction to user experience design Customer experience journey & design thinking Senior level strategy workshop

2.2. Make

2.2.1. Communicate your ideas Setting up the roadmap & focus on delivery Mobile roadmap Design strategy Personas & scenarios Information architecture Task flow Prototyping & testing development marketing launch & measuring

2.3. Check

2.3.1. Measuring velocity

2.3.2. Measuring performance

2.3.3. Metrics checlist Does the metric begin with a number Is there a time basis Is there an object basis Values unhelpful Vanity Good Better Awesome

3. Think About

3.1. Direction = Vision + Strategy

3.2. Success = Direction x Capability

3.3. Capability = Competence x Capacity

3.4. Competence = Communication x Skills x Experience x Information

3.5. Capacity = Resource x Efficiency

4. The Product Owner Role

4.1. GM

4.2. Engineering

4.3. Business

4.4. UX/Design