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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Guidelines

2. Presentation

2.1. Tellagami

2.1.1. An app that creates a 30 second animated video

2.2. Prezi Viewer

2.2.1. Practice, watch, and present prezis anywhere

2.3. Buncee

2.3.1. A creation and presentation tool that teachers and students can use to make presentations, stories, cards and more

3. Reading

3.1. Epic

3.1.1. Thousands of books that students can read online and it is free for educators

3.2. K12-Reader

3.2.1. Timed reading passages that then ask comprehension questions once they have finished reading

3.3. Reading Comprehension Peekaboo Studios

3.3.1. Gives grade level stories for students to read and then a series of comprehension questions that range from finding details, sequencing and inferencing

4. Math

4.1. Math Fight

4.1.1. Two players battle it out as to who can answer the +,-,X or division problem the fastest

4.2. Counting Money and Coins

4.2.1. This app includes 10 activities and games that help students count money and give change

4.3. Crazy Times Tables

4.3.1. Helps students with multiplication fluency through interactive games and photo features that students love

5. Social/Communication

5.1. Skype

5.1.1. a video conferencing app that makes it easy to talk to other face to face

5.2. Class Dojo

5.2.1. Helps the teacher with classroom management. Teachers can easily assign points and communicate with parents about how their child's day was at school

5.3. Twitter

5.3.1. People can share information in a text like message. It can help Keep us up to date on other educators and even incorporate tweets for classroom communication.