Little Red Riding Hood Graphic Novel Adaptation

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Little Red Riding Hood Graphic Novel Adaptation by Mind Map: Little Red Riding Hood Graphic Novel Adaptation


1.1. MAIN: Don't TRUST strangers too easily.

1.1.1. Links to AGE, because age can corresponds to the social experience that a person has. Thus, the younger a person is the more likely they are to trust a stranger. SUB: Growing-up I thought this would be an interesting sub-story element, because in the original story of Little Red Riding Hood, the continuation of her story wasn't explored. For example, did she learn from her lesson of trusting strangers?, how did her experience change her?, what is she going to do now?, etc... SUB: Friendship SUB: Family

1.1.2. Links to COMPANY, because a person's interactions with the people naturally around will teach and dictate how someone will interact with others in the future. This is especially in the case of whether that person is a young person. The original story shows that Little Red Riding Hood has a mother and a grandmother.

1.1.3. Links to ENVIRONMENT, because a person's trust depends a lot on where and how the individual lives, such as whether that area is considered safe or dangerous will affect someone's trust on meeting an individual there. Being raised in a safe and comfortable environment may caused her to have a more brighter outlook on the world, thus changing her perception of the wolf.

1.1.4. Links to APPEARANCE, when a person meets a stranger for the first time, they'd have nothing to judge that person on, except their appearance. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood had trusted the wolf too easily and gave away the location of her grandmother. But more importantly, she didn't flee at the first sight of the wolf. This could imply that Little Red Riding Hood was either too young to know that wolves are dangerous creatures, or she was too stupid.

1.1.5. Links to EDUCATION, her sense of danger towards the wolf may have been caused by her lack of knowledge regarding them.

1.2. MAIN: PRETENDING to be someone else.

1.2.1. Derives from how the wolf disguises himself to be the granny, in order to gain the trust and lower the guard of Little Red Riding Hood for the sake of eating her.

1.2.2. Can link to being SELF-CONSCIOUS, because trying to be someone else can imply that you are unsatisfied with your current self. The wolf can be seen as a scary figure due to its appearance, like it's fangs and claws. In the story, the the wolf dresses as the grandmother in order to hide his scary features. SUB: LONELINESS In the actual story of Little Red Riding Hood, there was no actual implication that the wolf was lonely at all, however, this would be an interesting story element to develop and explore.

1.3. MAIN: Taking notice of advice/ Listening to others

1.3.1. In the beginning of the original story, Little Red Riding Hood was told to not to talk to strangers. However, she didn't take this advice properly to heart, which eventually lead to her downfall. Links to AGE, considering that Little Riding Hood was represented as a child, she may have wanted to feel INDEPENDENT, thus unknowingly rejecting her parents' advice. Link to Detachment Theory of Parenting Adolescents.


2.1. Little Red Riding Hood

2.1.1. Main Character Little Red is the hero, as we follow the story through her, but at the same time she is not, because she also plays an additional role as the damsel-in-distress. Furthermore, a traditional hero's job in stories are to restore the disorder caused by the villain, but we know that Little Red Riding Hood is not only the one that caused the disruption, but was also not the one who resolved the mess she caused herself.

2.1.2. • Portrayed to be a small and weak girl.

2.2. The Hungry Wolf

2.2.1. Villain The Wolf is the cause of the disruption in this story, as well as threatens the safety of both hero and heroine.

2.2.2. • Learns of the location of the granny's house due to Little Red Riding Hood being a blabbermouth and naivety.

2.3. Granny

2.3.1. Support Character The Granny can be considered to be the princess of this story, as she was the victim of this story in need of saving.

2.3.2. • Victim of of Little Red Riding Hood's naivety.

2.4. Hunter

2.4.1. Support Character The Hunter saved Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf, thus his roles is that of a helper.

2.4.2. • Overpowers the wolf and saves the Granny and Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's stomach.

3. SETTING: Post Apocalpyse

3.1. References

3.1.1. Fallout

3.1.2. The Road

3.1.3. The Book of Eli

3.1.4. Mad Max

3.2. Characteristics

3.2.1. Desolate

3.2.2. Uncivilized

3.2.3. Chaotic


4.1. Sci-Fi

4.1.1. Major

4.2. Action

4.2.1. Major

4.3. Drama

4.3.1. Major

4.4. Comedy

4.4.1. Minor