14 Groups of Student disabilities

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14 Groups of Student disabilities by Mind Map: 14 Groups of Student disabilities

1. Hearing Impairments

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2. Mental Retardation

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3. Emotional Disturbance

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4. Learning Disabilities

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5. Mild Intellectual Disabilities

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6. Speech and Language Impairment

6.1. Ways to address high instance disability Engage students in meaningful tasks - Students who are motivated engage in learning more often Create opportunities for social interaction - This not only gives an opportunity to students with language issues to practice, it allows for students to learn from each other. Create a behavioral management system - set rules, set consequences, and follow through

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6.2. Ways to address low instance disability is by obtaining funding to accommodate of the child learning disabilities. Also to show compassion to children when they need it as well.

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6.4. Assistive technology that can be effective to both low and high is hearing aids, school video games and movies geared to the lesson plan of the day

6.5. High-Incidence Disabilities Speech and Language Impairment Learning Disabilities Emotional Disturbance Mild Intellectual Disabilities

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6.5.2. Low -Incidence Disabilities Mental Retardation Hearing Impairments Orthopedic Impairments Visual Impairments including Blindness Deaf-Blindness Deafness Other Health Impairments Developmental Delay Traumatic Brain Injury Autism Spectrum Disorders Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities Multiple Disabilities

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8. Hearing Impairments

9. Visual Impairments including Blindness

10. Deaf-Blindness

11. Deafness

12. Other Health Impairments

13. Developmental Delay

14. Traumatic Brain Injury

15. Autism Spectrum Disorders

16. Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities

17. Multiple Disabilities