Putting the plan into action

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Putting the plan into action by Mind Map: Putting the plan into  action

1. Method

1.1. Observation (It is what we need to see)

1.1.1. Roles Other’-observation Peer observation Self-observation Collaborative observation

1.1.2. Approaches Observe and record everything Observe and look for nothing in particular Look for paradoxes

1.1.3. Planning Who? How many? What? Where? When? How often? Where? How?

1.1.4. Tools Observation sheets Behaviour checklist Events checklist Observation notes Reflective observations Analytical observations Recording and transcribing Video-recording Audio-recording Maps and photographs Photos diagrams drawings sketches

2. Method

2.1. Non-observation ( It is what we need to know)

2.1.1. Interviews Types Structured semi-structured Open Issues to consider when interviewing Explain the purpose Be sensitive Provide feedback and reinforcement Steps Preparing Organising Clarifying

2.1.2. Questionnaires Closed-ended items Yes/no Rating Scales Numerical Scales Multiple Choice Open-ended items Open Guided Structured Layout Title of projec Researcher Purpose of project Instructions Time Items Other information Ethical statement Thanks

2.1.3. Journals and logs Factual journal Descriptive journal Reflective journal Daily/Weekly log Memoir journal

2.1.4. Classroom documents Syllabus guidelines Lesson Plans Textbooks Exercises Dictionaries

3. Incorporating technology into data collection

3.1. Video

3.2. Plataform

3.3. Smart-Phone

3.4. Powerpoint

3.5. MP3 Player