Planning for a career

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Planning for a career by Mind Map: Planning for a career

1. What career planning involves

1.1. Clear thinking about goals and aspirations

1.2. Looking at occupations and how they fit your personality

1.3. Research options to find out where your best opportunities lie

1.4. What would you like from your career (high salary, team work)...

1.5. University facilities

2. Finding out about different occupations

2.1. General investigation

2.2. Obtaining impartial information

2.3. Reading companies literature

2.4. Narrowing down options

2.5. Speaking to someone already in the position

2.6. Contacting a specific company

2.7. Gaining first hand experience

3. Creating an action plan

3.1. Choosing a module

3.2. Precise type of degree (bachelor or honours)...

3.3. Personal skills

3.4. Personal qualities

3.5. What experiences should get

4. Practical tips for career planning

4.1. Investigate career options

4.2. Use a personal development plan

4.3. Keep your resume up to date

4.4. Obtain contacts

4.5. Ask focussed questions