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Idea Generation by Mind Map: Idea Generation

1. Character Ideas

1.1. The Hunter

1.1.1. Not much is know about this character, except that he saved the Granny and Little Red from the stomach of the wolf, thus he is probably a strong character. In this adaptation, it would be a good idea to give him a more prominent role in the story, instead of a character that was just added in the latter part of the story, as an arbitrary plot device. IMPORTANT: I'd like to introduce the Hunter's character quite early on in the story. to develop his character more thoroughly. Similar to Little Red Riding Hood, I thought it might be interesting to portray this character as the opposite of his original representation, i.e. a strong hunter.

1.2. The Wolf

1.2.1. He is commonly portrayed as just a simple, but crude wolf. Add more layers to his character, instead of being just a simple villain with a plain agenda. Potential Story Elements

1.3. Little Red Riding Hood

1.3.1. She wears a red piece of clothing atop her other clothes, thus others have continued to call her Little "Red" Riding Hood. Her red piece of clothing doesn't have to be a hood, as it could also be a different piece of clothing that she wears, like a scarf or a helmet. The red in her clothing will give her a greater presence on-screen. In the story, it is unexplained why she is called the Little Red "Riding" Hood, because she doesn't really ride anything. And so, since this is set in a post-Apocalyptic setting, she could have her own vehicle like a car or bike.

1.3.2. She is portrayed as a weak, innocent little girl, thus it would be interesting to portray her in this adaptation as the opposite. Older The ATTITUDE of her character will also depend a lot on her age. For example, a mature adult, or rebellious teenager. Taller Making her taller would make her seem more formidable and stronger as a character. Ill-natured Tough Reckless

1.4. Grandma

1.4.1. Lives in the middle of the forest. She's practically a hermit.

1.4.2. Old and Wise Knowledgable Worldly

1.4.3. Considering her age, she has already experienced the harshness and struggles of living in a post-Apocalpytic era. Her experience with the residents of the post-Apocalyptic era has led her to dislike them and distrust them. She tries to teach this to Little Red Riding Hood.

2. Setting Ideas

2.1. The setting will have an impact on the story as a whole. Right from the start, I'd decided that I wanted to set the world in a post-Apocalyptic Earth, where technology has also advanced from the modern standard, in contrary to the Fantasy world that the story was originally set in.

2.1.1. By adding a sci-fi element, I aim to imply that this will be a different story, whilst still keeping integral points of the story still the same, like its characters and moral points.

2.1.2. In the comic, make sure to not delve too deep on the setting of the world, because this may cause the audience's attention to deviate from the actual story.

2.1.3. The main focus of the story is to explore the themes of trust and family, but the world that the story is set in has little impact, but its role in the story is to show how the people has adapted to this change.