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Career by Mind Map: Career

1. Financial Analyst Types

1.1. Sell-side analysts

1.1.1. employed by brokerage houses to analyze companies and write-in depth research reports (primary research)

1.2. Buy side analysts

1.2.1. employed by Fund managers (Ex; Fidelity and Janus), and Pension funds analyzes stocks to make buy/sell recommendations They follow more stocks (30-40) write brief reports (1-2 pages) research is only distributed to funds managers

1.3. Independent analysts

1.3.1. are not employed employed by brokerage firms or mutual/ pension funds

1.3.2. called "Indies" provide research that is "untainted" by investment banking deals

1.3.3. provide research to both the institutional and individual researchers

2. Principal Financial Analyst (Accounting/Finance) JOB

2.1. Company: Sempra Energy

2.1.1. collaborates in business units investment decisions and, aids and advises the CFO on key economic, market, and policy impacts and risks on the company

2.1.2. Key Responsibilites: leading the modeling and financial analysis conducting economic research determining potential impacts on Sempra proactively partnering with business units and other functional personnel preparing presentations to and for the CFO and board to inform important decisions

2.1.3. Must have strong desire on collaboration and team-oriented

2.2. External Qualifications

2.2.1. Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or related field or equivalent experience

2.2.2. Typically required a minimum of 12 year of related experience with a Bachelor's degree; or 8 year and a Master's degree; or equivalent expierence

2.3. 488 8th Ave, San Diego CA

2.4. Responsibilities/ Duties

2.4.1. financial planning

2.4.2. strategic planning

2.4.3. process improvement

2.4.4. economic and special projects

2.4.5. performs other duties as assgined

2.5. Salary

2.5.1. $88, 830 USD

2.6. future goal job

3. Mortgage Credit Analyst JOB

3.1. Company: Global Equity Finance Inc.

3.2. $14- 17 / hr

3.3. right attitude and ready to learn, grow, and thrive within the company

3.4. Responsibilities

3.4.1. reviewing applications and pricing out loan programs that are most beneficial to the borrower

3.4.2. applying all applicable conventional, FHA, or VA underwriting guidelines and lender overlays to each loan program

3.4.3. reviewing and analyzing credit reports and determining the borrower's creditworthiness

3.4.4. Identifying, requesting, and verifying income documents, disclosures, mortgage and HOI statements, and other pertinent documents necessary to put a loan in process

3.4.5. Reviewing complete loan packages before submission

3.5. Qalifications

3.5.1. HS diploma or GED required, BA/BS Degree preferred

3.5.2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) required

3.5.3. Exceptional analytical and problem solving capabilities

3.5.4. Acute attention to detail

3.5.5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

3.5.6. Calyx Point experience is a plus

3.6. full- time job

3.7. San Diego, Ca 92117

3.8. stepping stone job

4. Financial Analyst II JOB

4.1. $31.5 54- $50.59 hourly

4.2. $2523.15 - $4039 biweekly

4.3. $65602 - $105014 annualy

4.4. Full time regular

4.5. Qualifications

4.5.1. graduation from a recognized four year college with major of finance

4.5.2. two years of experience of budgeting and financial analysis

4.5.3. a valid C class California driver's licence

4.6. Company: San Diego Airport Authority

4.7. Location: San Diego International Airport, California

4.8. seeking for strong analytical skills individual, demostrated financial, statistical and budgetary experience and proficient with both oral and written communications skills

4.9. knowledge of:

4.9.1. 1. Principles, practices, methods and techniques of financial analysis and forecasting, including statistical modeling techniques. 2. Principles, practices and methods of budget development and management. 3. Principles, practices and methods of administrative, organizational, economic and procedural analysis. 4. Principles and practices of public administration, including purchasing, contracting and maintenance of public records. 5. Basic principles and practices of general accounting including financial statement preparation and methods of financial control and reporting.

4.9.2. 6. Basic principles and practices of cost accounting. 7. Basic principles, tools and techniques of project planning and management. 8. Federal, state and local laws, regulations and court decisions applicable to assigned areas of responsibility. 9. Principles and practices of sound business communication. 10. The uses and operations of computers and standard business software.

4.10. Ability to:

4.10.1. 1. Analyze financial, budgetary, operational and organizational problems, evaluate alternatives and reach sound, logical, fact-based conclusions and recommendations. 2. Collect, evaluate and interpret data, either in statistical or narrative form. 3. Analyze, interpret, explain and apply relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and budget policies and procedures to other Authority staff. 4. Prepare clear, concise and comprehensive reports, correspondence and other documents involving technical, budgetary and financial data in a manner appropriate to the audience

4.10.2. 5. Present conclusions and recommendations clearly, logically and persuasively. 6. Maintain files, records and documentation. 7. Exercise independent judgment and initiative within established guidelines. 8. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered in the course of work.