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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Why Formative?

1.1.1. Efficient form of testing comprehension of content

1.2. Uses:

1.2.1. Traffic cones of understanding, Thumbs up / thumbs down, touch your nose if you.., phone a friend

1.3. Definition:

1.3.1. Record of what the student knows at the time about the content subject

1.4. Application:

1.4.1. Homework, Think/pair/share, coral response, timed tests

2. Summative

2.1. Why Summative?

2.1.1. Keeps students on 1 level, helps them take ownership for their learning, reflective for both students and teacher about content level knowledge.

2.2. Planning:

2.2.1. End of the unit, review, expectations given, model/ samples released for goal setting, rubric provided to follow

2.3. Preparation:

2.3.1. Teach skills needed to master, Review content, explain format, motivate students, calm students

2.4. Administration:

2.4.1. Scheduled, schedule reviewed with students, explain purpose, explain expectations / outcome

3. Purpose for assessments in General:

3.1. The purpose for assessments being administered to all grade level students is to ensure that students are on the same ability level, and know what they need to know to progress within or beyond the grade level.

3.2. Assessment helps teachers decide what students need, and or can handle next in their content area learning.

3.3. assessments of both kinds help teachers understand where their students are, and what accommodations need to be made.

3.4. Assessments help teachers guide their lessons, and make adjustments as needed throughout the units.