Differences Between the World Wars

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Differences Between the World Wars by Mind Map: Differences Between the World Wars

1. World War I

1.1. 1914-1918

1.2. Central powers against Allied powers

1.3. Lasted 4 years

1.4. Caused by assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, militarism, imperialism, nationalism, alliances

1.5. Genocide of Armenians by Turkey

1.6. Trench warfare, early airplanes, tanks, poisonous gases - mostly on ground

1.7. German, Russian, Austro-hungarian, and ottoman empires destroyed

1.8. Establishment of League of Nations

1.9. Treaty of Versailles angered Germany and contributed to further conflict that led to WWII

2. World War II

2.1. 1939-1945

2.2. The Axis powers against Allied powers

2.3. Genocide of Jews in Germany occurred during this time

2.4. Lasted 6 years

2.5. Caused by political and economic unrest in Germany, Treaty of Versailles, Germany's alliance with Japan and Italy

2.6. Nuclear power and missiles, submarines and tanks, special covert operations, Blitzkrieg fighting

2.7. Allies win against Germany and Jaoan

2.8. Establishment of United Nations

2.9. Led to cold war between the United States and Russia

3. Both

3.1. Largest military conflicts in history

3.2. Used alliances

3.3. Involved genocide

3.4. Millions of casualties

3.5. Resulted in the establishment of peace-keeping organizations